WP1 Leader - Knowledge development and transfer of best practice on inter-agency CBRN response.


FORMIT is a Non-profit Corporate Body recognized by the Italian Minister for Research, established in 1985 and with consultative status granted in 2004 by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Since more than 25 years FORMIT operates with a qualified multidisciplinary team based in Rome, Naples and Brussels.

FORMIT supports among others National and Local Public Administrations, European Commission, European Parliament and the United Nations for the definition of policies and related actions in the Security and Innovation field.

In the Security domain, main fields of work are:

  • Socio-Economic modelling including: Impact assessment of CI failures; Security issues of Critical Infrastructure operators; Interdependencies and domino effects of Critical Infrastructures; incentives for Public-Private partnership for security and resilience; supply-chain analysis for security matters.
  • Organisation and Intervention analysis including: Management of critical events; Preparedness of first respondents; Cyber security and resilience.
  • Training and best practice transfer including: CBRN training programmes; Safety and security best practices.
  • Technological Assessment including: Tools for prevention; Infrastructure/asset management.

In the CBRN CoE initiative, FORMIT is involved also:

  • as Project Coordinator, in Project 6 "Knowledge development and transfer of best practice on chemical and biological waste management" implemented in Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos. Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines. Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
  • as Project Partner, in Project 25 "Knowledge development and transfer of best practice on bio-safety, bio-security, bio-risk management" implemented in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon

In the capacity building area, FORMIT made use of its technical, legal and economic competencies and of its Training Centre and eLearning platform to design, implement and monitor Training courses.