WP5 Leader - Enhancing on-site chemical agent (hazardous chemical agents, their precursors and chemical weapons) detection, sampling, sample handling and analysis capabilities.


Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry is a Scientific and Research Center of Polish Ministry of National Defense, established in 1954. Main scope of the activity of the Institute is scientific research and development projects and studies in the field of NBC defense equipment and systems as well as verification of the chemical disarmament processes. The Institute is authorized to issue expertise and opinions as well as certificates for products and technologies related to their specialization, carry out the testing equipment and conduct training activities.

The Institute provides support three departments responsible for following research and development works: Department of CBRN Protection, Department of CBRN Reconnaissance and Decontamination and Department of Radiometry and Camouflage.

Important parts of the Institute are testing and calibration laboratories as well as Product Certification Body accredited by the Polish Accreditation Center. Following laboratories are accredited:

  • Respiratory Protection Laboratory
  • Chemical Weapons Convention Laboratory, the laboratory has OPCW (Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapon) designation,
  • RADIAC-testing Laboratory.

The Institute is a coordinator appointed by the Minister of Science Center for Advanced Technology: "The Man, Environment, Anti-terrorism, Protection Against Contamination."

Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration admitted Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry Concession No. B-007/2004 for an economic activity in manufacturing and marketing of products for military or police purposes.