WP3 Leader – Capacity building of national HAZMAT teams in emergency preparedness and response to CBRN incidents.


Created in 1997, the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP) is a state owned organization, an instrument of the Spanish Government in the field of international cooperation for democratic governance and institutional strengthening.

FIIAPP has a sound experience in managing and administrating governance and consolidation projects of public institutions, and is able to guarantee the effective mobilization of international human resources involved in various activities, as well as efficiency and effectiveness in various management and coordination tasks inherent to international cooperation projects.

As a consortium partner, FIIAPP has vast experience providing technical assistance, to Law Enforcement agencies, military units, customs police and other institutions related to security. Our Foundation counts on full access to the complete payroll of Spanish public servants from all project relevant institutions and might provide experts from partner countries over its European institutional networks.

The comparative advantages of FIIAPP are therefore:

  • Non-profit Foundation with a strong background in managing multilateral Technical Assistance projects.
  • Public Institution and part of the Spanish International Cooperation System.
  • Strong co-ordination with the Spanish Embassies and the bilateral Technical Offices.
  • Direct relation and close co-operation with the Spanish Public Administration. Privileged access to the complete payroll of senior civil servants of the Spanish Administration for their participation in international projects. Including Security and Enforcement agencies, Public Health institutions, Civil Protection, Army, and CBRN control agencies, etc...
  • Member of the European Network of Implementing Development Agencies (EUNIDA), a legally established group of European development agencies with a public service mission to develop, manage and implement development programmes.
  • Accredited institution for Delegated Cooperation of the European Commission.
  • Track Record in CBRN related project (projects 22, 23 and 24) and long track record in Justice and Security related projects in Iraq (EuJust), Lebanon (SAROL) and Jordan (Euro-med Justice and Euro-med Police).